The Muwi Lawn Mower…

The Muwi Lawn Mower…

The Muwi Lawn Mower.bahaha it would be so funny to go out and find little grass circles or grass balls around the yard! why is the lawnmower pooing grass?

FCM walk behind digger

Site about Fleming Micron, Powerfab, hydraulic diggers, excavators, other engineering projects and general plant information

RS Components | Electronic and Electrical Components

RS Components is the leading distributor of Electronic, Electrical & Industrial components.

Battery powered electric wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows small and large for garden and commercial use, twin wheel and single wheel wheelbarrows. Ride on mower trailers, garden centre balanced trolleys and garden carts

P Size holder Kit 4

SRB-Griturn is a UK-based precision engineering company specialising in bespoke engineering, CNC Milling and turning.

Hitech 150mm x 100mm ND Grad THREE Filter Kit (Soft Edge)

Hitech 150mm x 100mm ND Grad THREE Filter Kit (Soft Edge)

Sheen Flame Gun

The Sheen flame gun is the most effective weedkiller you can buy.

Brilliant Ideas

An LED light-emitting showerhead that changes color according to the temperature of the water with the light being completely self-powered by the water running through it!