Norman Parkinson

Wenda and Ostriches, South Africa 1951 by Norman Parkinson. “On location in Africa Mrs Parkinson was posed on the back of an ostrich which turned out to move at an incredible speed. As she disappeared.

Norman Parkinson 1971

Apollonia von Ravenstein on Bird Island, Seychelles, photography by Norman Parkinson for “Vogue,” 1971

norman parkinson photography

Norman Parkinson

LBD by Capucci, Florence Queen Magazine, March 1961 Photographer: Norman Parkinson Capucci, Spring/Summer 1961

Norman Parkinson

"After Kees van Dongen", Adèle Collins wearing a red velvet toque by Otto Lucas and a flannel suit by Bazaar, photo by Norman Parkinson, Vogue, 1959

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