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SigningHub by Ascertia now available on Government G-Cloud 6 Framework


SigningHub is a cloud based, online document signing solution for any business or industrial sector. Just upload any document such as MS Word, Excel and PDF to get it signed. SigningHub not only provides e-signatures but also allows the gold standard ‘PAdES LTV’ based digital signatures via desktop, tablets and mobile.


PDF SignSeal is a windows based desktop PDF viewing and editing application that is specialized in Advanced PDF digital signature creation and verification.

The main part of this technological revolution is the increased use of iPhones, iPads, Smart Phones and Tablets. Now all the communication circle and online networking is being managed through these devices.

Just drawing your e-signature provides no security from copying this image and placing it on other documents. Also the e-signature cannot detect later edits to your documents. What’s different about the SigningHub mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android is that it overcomes these limitations by also creating advanced, long-term PKI digital signatures which sits behind your hand-drawn e-signatures.

Handheld devices Allow your employees, customers, and partners to sign-off on critical business documents from anywhere in the world, using web-enabled devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android phones.

Do you need to get your SigningHub signed documents automatically verified in Adobe Reader? If so, this brief note explains how to update the settings in Adobe Reader software to automatically trust SigningHub PDF signatures. If you only review documents inside SigningHub then you can ignore these steps.

The average time to get a paper contract signed is measured in days, whereas the average time to get an electronic contract document signed using is measured in minutes. provides a quick dashboard view of where a document is in the process as well as detailed document tracking!

SigningHub offers direct integration with Microsoft SharePoint Portals and thus allows users to immediately access and digitally sign their SharePoint documents using the usual SigningHub user interface.

Learn basics of, uploading docs, adding signers and setting the signing order for collaborators.