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North Wales

1 RWF, date and location unknown.

1 RWF, date and location unknown.

WW1 History

Corporal Thomas H Parker, Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, killed in action 6 November

Photos - Royal Welch Fusiliers

Universal carriers and motorcycles of Battalion, The Welch Regiment, on manoeuvres at Keady in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, 22 July

Soldiers of Royal Welch Fusiliers Summer Camp 1909 Abergavenny

Members of the Royal Welch Fusiliers at Abergavenny Camp Summer 1909

World War 1 - waiting in the trenches

Photograph showing a group of soldiers, Highlander and Indian Dogras, sitting in a trench. Each man has a rifle in front of him, to which a bayonet could be fixed for close combat,