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You love your Android phone. And why wouldn’t you? It offers everything you need, a kind of technology that combines sleek looks, high-impact design and extreme functionality in one handy package, and no matter what model you go for you can look forward to getting a phone that really works. But just how can you get the most from your beloved smartphone?


Building your brand on Facebook is split into 4 core areas. You need to build your page, your brand and your presence. You then have to connect with people to make them aware of your brand and presence. After, you need to engage with your audience and potential (or current) customers and finally you need to influence your fans, expand and reach the friends of your fans.

Recently the BBC posted three edifying articles on their search engine optimisation policy. The reasons the three blog posts were so illuminating is that traditionally big organisations, particularly news agencies, shy away from the issue of SEO.

As has recently been documented, the French, Italian and German governments are currently attempting to charge the indomitable search engine provider Google for linking to stories written by the newspapers of the aforementioned countries, through Google News.

If you’re in the SEO industry like me then you will know that rankings dominate our lives! Most company’s don’t take into consideration the bigger picture of online marketing and only care about getting to position 1 Google. If keywords are going up all is right in the world and everyone is happy, if they are going down then someone or something is to blame!

Bright-Pink-Rose-Landscape-Contemp-600We love a good wedding fayre, and get to see quite a few in our line of work. I don’t know what it is about them which makes everyone (apart from grooms-to-be it seems) a fan. Maybe it’s the anticipation in the air that all the lovely ladies milling about the hall are about to experience one of the best days of their lives.

The latest smartphone to hit the market has got everyone talking. Yep, the iPhone 5 has recently been unveiled, boasting enhanced functionality and more features than ever before, so are you in line for it? Well, if you're not yet then you probably should be…


Overnight there was an update on Facebook that has been widely anticipated by many users - the ability to display smilies and other icons in your status updates and comments. The ability to do this in private messaging has existed for some time and would be familiar to anyone who uses other instant messengers such as Windows Live or Yahoo Messenger.

Let me begin by saying, I feel the majority of algorithm updates which Google have enforced during the last year have been beneficial in levelling the competitive online playing field.

Working in the SEM industry, it's easy to think of Google as a company that only provides online products and services - be it Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google+ or the Android OS. A company that only makes software - intangible stuff that disappears once the off button has been pressed on your pc/laptop/tablet/smart phone.