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Globalization and fast-paced environment necessitate quick response to the Organization's business needs. Over the years, VIP offered high-end Cloud computing services to premier organizations enabling them to focus their time and resources on market differentiators. VIP has successfully created turnkey solutions in Cloud computing using SOA to offer compelling economic business models for organizations.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As the central goal of every business is to serve its customers, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in recent times has emerged as a way of using technology to do just that. Using CRM, businesses can learn more about customer needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them and also to formulate strategies to optimize communication and mould the business around their needs.

Making the right decisions at the right time is the key to success for any business. VIP's Business Intelligence services helps you to take paramount decisions by unfolding the hidden facts that affect the Business and provide the best mechanism to deal with them in a pragmatic manner.

Market leadership today depends on innovation and getting your products to market faster than your competitors. Delivering superior quality and increasing productivity are also imperative to stay on top of your game. In such a scenario, having a partner in your product development process who understands your needs and has the technology and domain skills, can go a long way in ensuring market success.

Custom mobile solutions for smartphones/PDAs (e.g. field employees' handsets) help to improve one's business processes' efficiency by speeding them up and decreasing risks & failures possibility.

Apple iPad application development is similar to development technology of iPhone, but the major difference in iPad apps is the highly realistic user experience to end users. iPad apps can enhance the working environment as per the needs of an individual. iPad application can be used to fulfill the essentials in various fields such as business, entertainment, games, web, email, connectivity, eBooks, publishing, videos, etc.