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Everyday mishaps and things that go wrong and people who do things that are so annoying they're enough to make a person's blood boil!
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Stop Saying the Word "Like"

People who say the word "like" in front of every other word are the bitter end. And even worse when they throw in the odd "literally". Click on the pin to find out how you can stop yourself doing it :)


Dialling a company from the details on their letterhead and hearing that irritating whistling sound that means you've got through to their fax machine.


People who spout a constant stream of what they consider to be "trendy business speak" to prove that they are somehow "with it". You say something in a meeting and two minutes later someone turns to you and says "To your point, Jonathan." SERIOUSLY ANNOYING

People who pronounce "latte" as "laar-tay". The "lat" in latte should be pronounced like "mat". For god's sake go to Italy if you don't believe me!

Looking for some sauce in the fridge and finding every bottle only has half an inch in the bottom.

You've spent half an hour going right the way through your DVD collection trying to decide what to watch. Finally, you hit the movie that you really want to see NOW and the DVD case is empty. HOW ANNOYING IS THAT!

Going out for a meal with someone who has to order off-menu, "I'd like a steak cooked in olive oil please, not vegetable oil. I'll have that with a side of veggies instead of potatoes, but please don't chop them with the same knife you used to cut bread and I don't want the veggies to be contaminated…"