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the instructions for making bird feeders with popsicle sticks
Lolly Pop Stick Bird Feed - click through to see more fabulous bird feeders for your garden. A fabulous idea for a diy project and a great idea for crafts time with the kiddos!
two children playing with tin cans on a tree branch in the grass, and one child is holding an apple
8 Awesome Outdoor DIY Projects for Kids
8 Fun Outdoor Ideas and Activities for Kids gathered by @Juanita Martin Charlotte, great for #summer
a child's play area with cars on the floor and a sign that says start
ZIG ZAG Race for finr motor control
two boxes with letters on them sitting next to each other in front of a polka dot background
Mark making dice. Roll the dice and copy the pattern. Adapt this for writing numbers by inserting numbers, or use for games with pictures of Numicon plates.
there are many different items in the bin that is filled with water and flowers,
Petals, leaves, safety mirrors and tweezers
a child's photo with the caption caught on camera display photos of children reading to engage reading for pleasure
Caught on camera... Reading! Encourage reading by displaying photos of children and adults enjoying reading. EYFS
there are two lobsters in the ice on this plate, and one is yellow
Challenge in Continuous Provision
Problem solving-how would you get the power rangers out of the ice?
Barefoot Walk! (",) Could I combine this with sounds and tricky words somehow? Senses Eyfs, Eyfs Ideas, Sand Projects, Summer Camp Games, Bear Hunt, Teaching Themes, 5 Senses, Toddler Summer, Walking Barefoot
A Homemade Barefoot Walk!
Barefoot Walk! (",) Could I combine this with sounds and tricky words somehow?
an open shut poem with the words open shut them in different colors and font on it
Page not found - Top Teacher
Fine motor finger and hand rhymes | Top Teacher - Innovative and creative early childhood curriculum resources for your classroom
several children are hanging from balloons with writing on them
Class picture idea....maybe a magnet for open house??? or for our hopes and dreams
a handprint on a canvas that says, a child's hand touches a mother's heart
KinderKids Fun
Mother's Day gift idea or Grandparents day! This could also be for a grandparent for Valentines day!
a young child sitting at a table with some colored sticks on it and the words zipper board above them
DIY zipper board for kids
DIY zipper board for kids. Great for fine motor and sensory development.
an orange bowl sitting on top of a wooden table with scissors and yarn in it
Fine Motor Skills - DIY Cutting Station
Cutting station - work on scissor skills and fine motor skills. Perfect way to contain the mess too! love this from @Allison j.d.m @ No Time For Flash Cards
two children are playing with colored paper and plastic balls on the table in front of them
Pom Pom sorting using tongs and scoops. Sensory table