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50 Visual Journal Prompts to Promote Drawing and Creative Thinking Skills - The Art of Ed

50 Visual Journal Prompts to Promote Drawing and Creative Thinking Skills - The Art of Education University

When I started at the secondary level, I quickly realized my students needed to be encouraged to practice their drawing and composition skills. Telling them to practice wasn’t cutting it, but I wasn’t sure what the best solution might be. I wanted to hold my kiddos accountable for their learning in an enjoyable way. I […]

Top 3 Thanksgiving Pins for Middle School Classrooms!

A blog about Middle School ELA teaching with ideas for meaningful, differentiated activities that are fun and practical

Cross Hatching Burger Sub/Cover Lesson - The Arty Teacher

Cross Hatching Burger art lesson. Student practise creating tones/values with cross hatching and then to draw the burger using cross hatching.

How to Draw a Perspective Landscape · Art Projects for Kids

How to draw a landscape for kids with perspective. The rows of trees and extra tall mountains work to exaggerate the point.

Line Art Portraits · Art Projects for Kids

Black and white lines drawn around a richly colored face create a pretty great study in contrast. Now you can easily make all kinds of line art portraits just like the ones shown here, simply by printing out a template, and drawing a body back in, just the way you want it. This ebook includes drawing guides and lots of finished samples to get your students off to an inspiring start.

Middle School Art Lesson

Digital Art Portfolio Templates for Google Drive (Crayon Version)

Need an engaging middle school art lesson that integrates technology? Here are some digital art portfolio templates with a creative crayon look to them. Teach your students how to create an assessment portfolio using Google Slides in one class. And show them how to document their growth throughout the year.

Graffiti Worksheets - Color Blending - Graffiti Art Lesson

These Graffiti worksheets are perfect for teaching color blending with either colored pencils or oil pastels. Students love creating graffiti and with these sheets they can use real graffiti as reference to practice color blending before using the alphabet included as reference to create their own. ...

Kids Back to School creative art activity resources

I design these Imagination Box Back To School Resources to engage and enthuse children in a fun and creative way during the first week back to school - I have fun coming up with the ideas too!


Need a quick formative assessment tool to check for understanding? Grab this pack of 100 unique task-oriented art exit tickets for the elements of art!

Woven Bowl- A DIY with Free Printable Template - The Kitchen Table Classroom

Create this woven bowl using the free printable template, a paper plate, & yarn. This is a great elementary / middle school art lesson to introduce weaving.

Value landscapes

To continue our journey to discover the colors, with the year 7 classes, we painted landscapes in tempera tonal gradation. The forms that become more clear to the horizon can give a sense of distan…

I Reimagine Famous Paintings To See What They’d Look Like If They Were Painted During The Coronavirus Crisis (37 Pics)

We could all use a smile in lieu of recent events, so I decided to update art history for 2020.

Design Your Own Face Mask Art Activity

Support your students as they return to school with this face mask art activity. Children will design, decorate, and color the blank face mask template as you discuss why face masks are important in specific situations.

The New Hope Art Gallery: Middle School Art: Tint and Shade Landscapes

Middle School Art: Tint and Shade Landscapes

Students learned how to mix tints (a color + white) and shades (a color + black) then used this skill to create an atmospheric landscape wit...