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Done with coffee and a coffee cup ... yeah

coffee ring stains :-) - check it out! Malaysian artist Hong Yi created this wonderful coffee ring stain portrait of Taiwanese musician Jay Chou.

Abstract Portrait- Lucas Simões, I admire the collage and layering of images to build up the portrait, It shows a modern style and the use of city buildings really adds to the character of the portrait

Lucas Simões - Ivo, 6 layers (retratos sobrepostos) the use of shapes to move around different features of the mans face is extremely interesting.

creative-collage-by charles Williams

Very detailed, has different textures and images within the individual shapes. Shadows and gradients create depth. Geometrical design, very structured and loose at the same time. Psychogeography by Charles Williams, via Behance

Saatchi Online Artist: seungyea park; Pen and Ink, Drawing "monster2009-8-3"

Artist: Seungyea Park, pen and Ink {female heads b+w double exposure women faces portrait drawing

Lost fragments- Failed memories by david szauder, via Behance

Gil - Lost fragments- Failed memories, via behance david szauder Berlin, Germany, forgotten, glitch