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an orange car is shown in three different positions, including the front and side views
the side and back view of a blue sports car with water decals on it
2015 Nissan GT-R - Fiji Water
Livery Magic at its most artistic. An evolution of one of my most famous liveries: the Red Lantern Racing Mitsubishi Eclipse. This uses the gradient from the product packaging as a base colour and the pink flower as an additional nod to the main sponsor. Besides that, those massively intricate waves do all the talking.
three different views of the same sports car, each with its own number on it
2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Wrap
Twin-Turbo V8, Dyno-Tuned to 1,033hp
this is an image of a car with rainbow stripes on the front and back side
2009 Porsche 911 Carrera - Apple Computers
Does this really need a description? A modern adaption of a Livery legend... including a dash of humour...
an image of a car that is painted yellow and has the words m & m on it
1994 Mazda MX-5 - M&M's
Bursting with personality and bespoke branding, I really tried to think of everything! Brown replaces black to represent chocolate, memorable taglines throughout, and a smattering of colours to represent multiple flavours... this is Livery Magic at its quirkiest!
the side and back view of a racing car in three different positions, with numbers on each side
2019 Ford Mustang GT - Dickies
Blending Nascar influence with the aftermarket, I used much bigger logos and background graphics than usual to create this bold, distinctly American Livery.
two pictures of a car with yellow and white stripes
Rate This Volkswagen 1 to 100
three different cars side by side on a gray background with red and white stripes in the middle
the new volkswagen golf gtr is shown in this rendering image from an official manufacturer
Seitenstreifen Autoaufkleber, Auto Tuning und Autostyling Seitenstreifen Aufkleber
an advertisement for the honda civic civic car
Honda Civic livery design
an image of a pink car with hello kitty decals on the side and back
Honda Civic kanjo Itasha livery design
an orange and black car is shown in three different views, including the top one
Гриша Бурлуцкий
a colorful sports car is parked on the floor in front of a black background with pink and yellow accents