Zoe it's your birthday!!!! I cannot tell you how much you have changed me over this year! Other than beauty tips you have given me great life advice and taught me how to do my passion, makeup. Because of you I want to be a makeup artist when u grow up and you are just so inspiring! I love you sooooo much and just keep being yourself thanks so much Zoe and happy birthday!!!❤️❤️❤️

Storm & Hale (A Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover Fanfic)

Zoella Quote Be the best you, not what others want you to be

I know this is really for my youtuber goals pin but i thought it was quite cute so i put it in this one. Love this /zoella

Everytime you post something online you have a choice. You can either add something that adds happiness to the world or something that takes away -Zoella

Big questions for the Gods!!! Why do people stare?

Zoella quote from favourite lipsticks- one of the first videos she did. I can speak for all of her viewers when i say that we are all so proud of her! Love you Zoe!

Zoella lifestyle review

Usually when Zoe releases things i’m the first on the bandwagon but i’ve waited until now to get my hands on the new Zoella Lifestyle range, i’m proud of myself for resting buying for this…

Zoella stylish chic back pack for all your essentials. The perfect gift for her!

Zoella stylish chic back pack for all your essentials. The perfect gift for her! - women's purses and bags, cute small purses, handbag sale *ad

As soon as Zoe posted about her new and upcoming beauty range, I knew I had to get my hands on it. The new bath & body range is called 'Sweet Inspirations' and is entirely based upon a sweet scent, wh

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations (Gemma Louise)

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