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Devry HUM 115 Entire Course

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Write a 500-word paper about how critical thinking can be used in everyday life. Include the following in your paper: Identify three lessons that you learned from this course. Describe each of them and explain why they are meaningful to you. How will each of these lessons apply to your everyday life? What will you continue to work on as a critical thinker?

Complete the following three-part assignment in a Microsoft® Word document. Points of View Step 1: Choose a topic from the Opposing Viewpoints website accessed in the CWE. You can access the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database by going to the University Library, selecting Specialized Resources, and then clicking on Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Here is a screencast showing you around Opposing Viewpoints. Check it out:

Step #1: Identify two barriers that influence your critical thinking. Step #2: In at least 1 paragraph per barrier (at least 100 words) describe the barrier, the steps you can take to overcome the barrier, and how you plan on using the skills learned this week to continue to overcome your barriers. Step #3: In a third paragraph, 100 words or more, answer: Why is it so important to overcome these barriers? What happens when you refuse to recognize these barriers?

Complete the Levels and Steps of Critical Thinking Worksheet. Submit your completed assignment in the Assignment Files tab above.

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