Anipe Steven Premajyothi BSc, BEd, MDiv, has been serving unto the Lord for two decades meditating the Word of God & searching for secrets in His word. This…
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Education - Multimedia Discovery Missions | Lesson 2 - Mid-Ocean Ridges | Seafloor Spreading Activity
This activity consists of naming the continents, identifying mid-ocean ridges, and determining the age of the ocean floor. From the junctions of American Tectonic Plates and African Plate the lava came out and the Atlantis along with its buildings mixed with the lava and missed from the history of the world.
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5. Seafloor Spreading
This book explains how the two American Tectonic Plates moved west ward on the Joshua's Long Day which causes to submerge Atlantis in the Atlantic ocean in one single day and night.
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This title was released in 2012 which locates the actual location of Garden of Eden on the face of the earth.
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The author Anipe was awarded Doctorate for his Telugu title which can be translated " End- Times @ Dead Sea" by an Open University in India.
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Joshua's Long Day@ American Tectonic Plate Movements
This new title was released by Aradhana TV C&MD , Dr. Paul Devapriyam pulla on April 11, 2016.
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A prominent third century (BC) philosopher narrated the story of Atlantis using a phrase “it was destroyed in single day and night.” Upon the author’s search for physical evidence for Joshua’s Long Day, this phrase became a base for historical speculations about this issue: • Link between Atlantis’ Deluge and Joshua’s Long Day • Conspiracy about Atlantis’ existence-time • Atlantis’ Deluge by tectonic plate movements in Atlantic Ocean • Before 1405 BC, Central American region was at a navigable