Principles of Photography- Shutter Speed (Controlling Motion)

Principles of Photography- Shutter Speed (Controlling Motion

Elizabeth Tower, also known as Big Ben, in London with a red double decker bus zooming by.

I really love this photo because it has two of my favorite things, the city of London and photography. I love how they took a picture of Big Ben but also added in the color touches with the red bus.

Radial blur: fake a zoom burst effect from your fixed focal length lens

Lightroom for Android 2.0 delivers raw power to your smartphone camera

*college work* By using a slow shutter speed you can capture a zoom burst by pressing the shutter release and then zooming in on the centre of your subject - a shutter speed of about seconds would be enough to capture something like this.

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A look at the artistic technique of long exposure photography. Enjoy these 31 examples of light-streaks, water, and other breathtaking visuals using long exposure photography.

Stream of light - Slow Shutter Speed Photography

I chose this picture because I like how the water almost looks like airbrushed or photo shopped in. I like how the water looks airbrushed but then you have the greens in the back that add color and clarity.