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a cross stitch pattern with an arrow in the center on a black and white background
an image of a sewing pattern on a piece of fabric and some other things to sew
hleami on Twitter
a computer screen with an image of a dog on it and a lamp next to it
an animal crossing game with the name sky whale painted on it's easel
sen on Twitter
an image of a sewing machine in the shape of a doctor who is wearing a blue dress
Honeyteඞ on X
an image of a living room with furniture and decor in japanese words on the screen
コーヒーカップ&ソーサー棚 [Shelf2]【あつ森マイデザ】 | youのマイデザインnote
an image of a computer screen with some art work on it
an animal crossing card with some pictures on it
"qr"-Bidoof Crossing
an animal crossing game screen showing the artist's easel, and forest background
an animal crossing game screen with the character's name on it and other items
an animal crossing character is standing in front of a easel with flowers on it
an image of a basket with fruit on it in the style of cross stitch pattern
アプリコット [Apricot]【あつ森マイデザ】 | youのマイデザインnote
アプリコット [Apricot]【あつ森マイデザ】 | youのマイデザインnote