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Gruffalo Finger Puppet Show - Download these templates and instructions on how to make your very own Gruffalo finger puppets - and then put on a show.

Here I have a Gruffalo maths activity with 3 different sheets depending on ability.Students need to use a 100 chart to fill in the missing numbers on the sheet. They also need to count in 2s and 5s. The final activity on the sheet is to measure the Gruffalo's friends.

The Gruffalo on

A fab #Gruffalo creation from @SummerfieldPS and @ForestSchools thank you! We'd love to see more.

When the Gruffalo & friends came to school! - footprints, numeracy, measurement, non-standard measure, creative, maths, EYFS, Gruffalo. (Just done with cardboard cut outs of the characters footprints and baby talc sprinkled around them)