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It's always 3 for me. It's like I'm about to drop dead

Must remember this when I'm considering night shift! Sometimes Photojenik: 5 Stages of a Night Shift

Galaxy under lights

Trendy HairStyles Ideas : Try rainbow hair that is rich, dark, fantastic and mysterious. The new oil slick hair trend allows brunettes to get awesome look without any harsh bleaching

4 Amputation Nursing Care Plans - Nurseslabs

In general, amputation of limbs is the result of trauma, peripheral vascular disease, tumors, and congenital disorders.

Elli Quark Red Velvet Truffles I gotta get my hands on this Elli Quark stuff!

Healthier Red Velvet Chocolate Truffles - Made with quark, something I am trying right this very minute for the first time! It's like Greek yogurt, but less tangy and more creamy. It's also technically not yogurt.