When you don't know what to make for dessert, a cake is always a good solution. This time, my choice was the decadent Oreo Cheesecake Chocolate Cake and trust me, it wasn't a mistake.

Oreo Cheesecake Chocolate Cake

Oreo Cheesecake Chocolate Cake, so decadent chocolate cake recipe. Oreo cheesecake sandwiched between two layers of soft, rich and fudgy chocolate cake.

Indulge yourself with Angela Nilsen's heavenly moist and fudgy chocolate cake - perfect for celebrations - birthdays, weddings, christenings - any excuse!

Ultimate chocolate cake

Dessert Recipes : The home of delicious dessert recipes invites you to try Ultimate chocolate cake recipe. Enjoy quick & easy desserts for .

Simple carrot cake

Simple carrot cake

Carrot Cake IX -- My edits -- I usually add 2 cups carrots, 1 cup raisins (golden or regular) and 1 cup well drained crushed pineapple. Instead of cups oil, use cups applesauce. Can bake in a tube pant mins at

Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake

Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake

Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake Mary Berry is the queen of baking so if you're looking for a classic lemon drizzle cake recipe, this is the one to try. Mary Berry's lemon drizzle cake recipe is one of the most popular recipes on good


If you get it right this cake is so light and moist delicious - fond childhood memories to excite your tastebuds

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