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I found this lot on PrivateLot : Asian Art - Miniature indienne érotique représentant une scène érotique d´un couple sur une terrasse<br /> Ecole de Pahari, Rajasthan, XIXème s.<br /> <br /> 13,5 x 19,5 cm.

Asian Art - Miniature indienne érotique, école de Pahari, Rajasthan, XIXe

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Two lovers in erotic embrace by Indian School-Mughal 17

Come, Radha, come. Krishna follows your every desire. ‘Soil my bed with indigo footprints, Kamini, lay waste the grove savage it with your petal-soft feet. ‘I take your feet in lotus hands, Kamini, you have come far. Lay those gold flaring anklets across my bed. ‘Let yes yes flow from your mouth like amrita. From your breasts, Kamini, I draw off the dukula-cloth. We are no longer separate.’

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