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the brand strategy quick guide part 1
How to create a brand strategy: Howie Chan's guide | Howie Chan posted on the topic | LinkedIn
the ultimate guide to branding checklist
The ultimate branding checklist!
four different types of font and numbers with the words'iering foundation'on them
a black and white poster with the words how to re brand
how to rebrand
a blue and black website design with the words brands on it's side,
Building Brands
an info sheet with the names and symbols for different types of items on display in front of
What the eff is a Brand Archetype?
a black and white image with the words brand touchpoints written in different languages
Figure 1. Brand Touchpoints model. Originally proposed by Alina Wheeler...
an advert for ogly brand value propositions, which includes three different types of advertising
Ogilvy unveils new identity: CEO Seifert explains agency's new structure and purpose