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Howden Contrails; A Weather forecast for fine weather, pushed me out the door. I decided to head up to the Ladybower reservoir in the Peak District.

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Nine Stones Close, a stone circle not far from Robin hood stride, in the peak district national park.

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Walk to the end of Milligton Wood, and you will come upon this slide away, enchanting view. Some fine looking trees, Ash and Beech which give this Wood a open aspect, allowing light to get through to the forest floor, this has encouraged the flora that dominate the Wood today. Wild Garlic, Bluebells and Primroses appear to be at home here, making this Wood a very special place. my lens pick was for a 20 mm set to F16, to get a sharp front to back Image.

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Wetton,Grindon surround these hills, the Larkstone Lane winding it's way up, from the old Weags Bridge, there are some very impressive views, just before you reach Wetton Low. This view is of the Manifold Valley, that Valley goes on and on. The Valley was turned briefly into a narrow gauge railway line in 1904, but only lasted three decades, and now is used for walks and cycling.

Waylands Beech. Waylands Mighty Beech, before the prune. They look different today, so never miss an opportunity to get images that change over time, once they change, it's gone forever.

HOWDEN DAM FOUR. Howden Dam, draws people to the area, for many different reasons, walking, running, cycling and past history ( the Dam Busters ). But what bonds all visitors is the Landscape and it's memories. This image contains all of natures earthly materials, Stone-Timber-water-trees-clouds, if you look VERY closely one Stone has upon it, conifer seed heads, fallen from the tree line behind the image.

Bluebell monochrome, with one white bluebell amongst the blue!.

Thirteen Jackdaws fly high in the summer sky over Lathkill Dale, but if you look carefully were you to purchase the print you will see a fourteenth bird (to far off to make out what type of bird), just in case your superstitious. Alas i cannot change the date i captured the image the 13th!!. The other Strangeness in this picture is the grinning Cheshire Cat face at the bottom of the Hawthorn bush or am i seeing things, you be the judge.

LATE LIGHT CRONFA. Cronfa, the last light before the Blue hour. captured in March and still a chill wind blows down the Elan valley on to the water feeding Lake Cronfa. A popular spot for sunset gazers and image makers.

Old Tree, falling but holding on, refusing to give in and stubborn to the end. That description describes a few of my older relatives and may sound familiar to yourself, and your family, or it could describe close friends. But I am also referring to this Salix fragilis (Crack Willow) tree, in Northampton shire, close to the River Nene