Outdoor lighting is expensive! So use these inexpensive glass shades and mini lights to brighten your backyard. From The Art of Doing Stuff.

Glowing orbs to put outside. Love this idea! You take opaque glass shades of different sizes and a string of Christmas lights, put them together and voila! Magical glowing orbs for your yard!

Julius Olsson painting, Sunrise

Albert Julius Olsson was born in London, the son of a Swedish father and English mother, the 'artist was.


Munch Would Scream If He Saw the Price Expected for The Scream

The Scream Comes to New York The most expensive work of art ever sold at auction, Edvard Munch’s The Scream, will be shown in New York this Fall! The Scream, which was auctioned off at Sotheby’s in.

Three Shells

Grains of Glass - An open studio for enamel artists worldwide by Joanne Conant

Folded Cuff Bracelets

Internationally renowned artist Joanne Conant offers over 30 years’ experience in enameling & jewelry making. Known for her enameled objects, jewelry and oil paintings, she resides in Newtown, CT

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