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two people shaking hands with the words how to generating more leads at your next sales event
How to Generate More Leads at Your Next Sales Event
There are many different channels by which organizations can generate leads for their pipeline. And while digital and print channels have their place, live events should absolutely be the main part of your lead gen strategy. To generate actual leads, you need to have some solid strategies in your pocket that will help you convince prospects to give you their contact information! Read the article to see our strategies.
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5 Benefits of Event Marketing
Event marketing is a trend that has been on the rise. Live events offer a unique opportunity for brands to connect with prospects and customers in an intimate way. Here are some ways that events can help you market your brand and why you may want to consider allocating some of your resources to live events this year.
a map with the words 4 reasons you should plan a company roadshow in 2021
4 Reasons You Should Plan a Company Roadshow in 2021
The goal of every company is to make sure their brand stays top of mind with consumers. Without question, roadshows are an excellent and effective way to engage with consumers in-person and reach new prospects. Check out the benefits this will do for your company.
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What is Conference Marketing? 6 Important Tips
Conference marketing is one of the most important components that you need to think about whilst planning a conference – it’s the act of promoting your conference, and making it widely advertised so that lots of people attend it and your business gets more publicity. Check out these 6 tips to ensure your conference has maximum influence!
the social media info sheet is shown in blue, red and white with text that reads 5 ways to promote on social media
10 Ways to Promote Your Corporate Event with Social Media
Corporate Event Planning: Here are 5 ways to promote your corporate event with social media. Click through the infographic to learn about 5 more! #corporateeventplanning #eventprofs #eventplanning
the ultimate guide to planning an event with infos and tips on how to use it
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Event Marketing 101. We love this visual timeline as a basic guide to keep event... - #basic #event #guide #Love #Marketing #timeline #Visual