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black and white photograph of the face of a woman with flowing veils on her head
Véus de mármore
a statue is shown in black and white with the image of a woman's face
Raffaele Monti
a sculpture of a woman's head covered in black cloth on a white pedestal
Black Veil.
a white statue with flowers on it's head and hair in the shape of a veil
Véus de mármore
Raffaelle Monti_6
an ornate sculpture on the side of a building with angels and other people around it
Detalle. Puerta del Duomo de Milan. Italia
the statue is covered in snow and has a hood over it's face,
some white statues with long hair and flowers on their heads are covered in cloths
Esculturas Veladas, Raffaelo Monti (1818–1881)
a large metal sculpture sitting on top of a snow covered ground next to a lake
British Women Artists - A place for women to showcase their art
"You Blew Me Away" sculpture by Penny Hardy