New Delhi, India

New Delhi, India Bazaar at Mazaar. New Delhi Times offers mobile news India today cricket match recent business news in India that is recent updated and current news.

The Water Carriers, India

Women carrying a vase - India "Of the total burden of paid and unpaid work, women bear an average of in developing countries and in industrial countries. "major portion of the time of rural area women is spent in collecting water from different sources.

Ganja Smoking, Kumbh Mela, India

Largest Religious Festival In The World - Kumbh Mela, Allahabad, India

*/ */ */ * Happy Blogging * / * / * / *: * Ranagavalli /Rangoli/Kolam

A rangoli can be of various shapes and sizes and can be as colourful or somber too. Here are 9 simple rangoli patterns without the use of dots.

India | Gold and ruby set necklace; the ruby-set gold elements imitate the forms of seeds, berries and flower buds which are the oldest shapes in Indian jewelery and considered highly auspicious. | Tamil Nadu | 19th century | 8,125£ ~ sold |

A ruby-set gold Necklace Tamil Nadu, Century comprising bud-shaped elements set with a single ruby below a pair of engraved addorsed birds alternating with smaller floral engraved elements,