Adding the TARDIS sound to an elevator (by Mike Grusin)    [Could it be adapted for a garage door or driveway?]

Adding the TARDIS sound to an elevator (by Mike Grusin) [Could it be adapted for a garage door or driveway?


Singapore's Luminous iLight Festival Will Be Lit Up by Shimmering LED Sculptures


Robert Janson’s Floating Plastic Bag Sculptures Resemble Giant Pink Jellyfish Robert Janson, plastic bag – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

Elevator ad

Creative optical illusion at Southside shopping centre in London tricked people into thinking that the floor of the elevator has collapsed. When the doors opened, scared people were only a step.

lift ad for air asia

Ad of the Week: Going Up!

Maxwell House

20+ Creative Elevator Ads

Our top 9 examples of creative floor & wall graphics. These examples will help inspire great ideas for your next business / company floor or wall graphic.


A beautiful colorful umbrellas installation in the town of Agueda in Portugal. A complete street was decorated with umbrellas suspended and floating in the air, all captured in images by photographer Patricia Almeida.

Swiss Skydive Free Fall

Swiss Skydive Elevator: Call it buzz, guerrilla, viral, word-of-mouth, whatever – marketing/advertising stunts and ideas that achieve free attention are working now perhaps better than ever before.


Russian born designer Dima Loginoff created the Amourette Lamp and the Curl my Light Lamp. He even won second prize for his " Curl My Light " table lamp a


From the Verner Panton exhibit at the Danish Design Centre, Copenhagen


Dj Setup Note to self: check out PixelInvaders DIY Rainbow LED Panels Kit. Brilliant for a light up DJ booth. Looks very nerd city, therefore I LOVE.

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