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My 1970s Sindy World

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The Sindy toys I had when I was a little girl. This makes me feel 5 again! Sindy dolls, retro clothes, furniture and her hobbies.

I had something like the dress on the right. Didn't like it though. Too old looking for Sindy- she was much cooler than this dress.


This is the Sindy house you can buy. My Dad made me one from two bits of card and then we decorated it. It was much more fun that buying one!


I had a lovely pair of Jodhpurs, boots and hard hat that went with my Riding Sindy.


Sindy and her horse was the gift I got for my 5th birthday. I was TOTALLY BESIDE MYSELF!! I remember sitting in school assembly with the horse at my feet, waiting for my turn to show and tell. #Sindy #Horse


One thing that always makes me feel 5 again is the mix of blue denim and this colour red. I had an outfit which I really loved and this skirt reminds me of it.

THIS WAS BRILLIANT! I had so many hours of play out of this set. My Sindy family had a summer holiday camping in my garden the year I got this. I'm sure the snails loved it too!

Ice Skating Sindy. Wow, she was terrific. Father Christmas brought me this wonderful gift when I was about 6 or 7. I wanted to be an ice skater until I realised how uncoordinated I was.

The thing that was great about the sink is there was a small reservoir under the plug hole where you could actually empty the sink. Pull the plug and the water goes down! Of course, you had to remember to empty it after.