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Chicken, chorizo and cider pot pies

This classic chicken pie with chorizo and cider recipe makes a perfect winter warmer on Bonfire Night.

Chicken curry puffs

An alternative to samosas, these chicken curry puffs are made with puff pastry and flavoured with garlic, coriander, soy and curry powder.

Celeriac, onion and mustard puff pastry tart

The wholesome, nutty flavour of the celeriac pairs perfectly with hot mustard in this easy tart recipe.

Onion, spinach and black olive tart

Diana Henry suggests healthy vegetarian, flavourful, satisfying dishes just right for early summer, on HOUSE - design, food and travel by House & Garden. (

Ham, turkey & sprout pie

Great for using up leftovers from Christmas dinner. If you don’t fancy turkey, use chicken instead.