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Stützmauer zur Seite des Hauses - Pflanzen Garten Ideen

Stützmauer zur Seite des Hauses - Pflanzen Garten Ideen

Stützmauer zur Seite des Hauses - Pflanzen Garten Ideen

16 Outstanding Ideas To Decorate Your Yard This Spring Season

16 Outstanding Ideas To Decorate Your Yard This Spring Season

A few early preparations in the yard for the spring season, will bring you so many benefits that you will be able to enjoy throughout the year. If you

How to Design and Build a Paver Patio

13+ Best Paver Patio Designs Ideas - DIY Design & Decor

How to Design and Build a Paver Patio

40 Incredible Modern Garden Landscaping Design Ideas On a Budget – Decor & Gardening Ideas

A modern or contemporary garden is characterized by a sleek, streamlined and sophisticated style. Modern garden designs draw on the simplicity of Asian design practices. Generally, a modern garden …

Early, Modern Patio - Dream Gardens

Early, Modern Patio

Description The soft texture of white sandstone forms the dominant feature of this garden, as both patios and the raised beds are covered and tiled with the same natural stone. Inset LED lights on the front and the edges of the patio create an elegant night feature. A natural waterfall and fish pond, a pergola with bench and a corner small patio are the other features of this garden.

Contemporary yard design with artificial lawn, raised beds, and pavers. Low maintenance.

Modern family garden in Battersea with patio lighting planting

Modern Family Garden in Battersea with patio lighting planting and machined sandstone pathway

Garden Design – Page 8 – New Gardening Ideas

Garden Design – Page 8


Wandsworth - Garden Design & Landscaping Project

Contemporary Garden design alteration and refurbishment with modern planting scheme in Wandsworth, London by Matt Keightley and Rosebank Landscaping.

90 Modern Garden Ideas For Small Garden Decorating And Makeover -

Perfect modern gardens are the ones which have a lot of personality. They will show the tastes of the homeowner and be a personal space in which you can relax during warm summer evenings. Modern gardens can only be perfect… Continue Reading →

How to make a mini wildlife pond - the easy way

Make a small pond to attract wildlife to your garden. It takes one afternoon and costs less than £25. This pond will fit in any garden, however small.

modern fence styles full image for contemporary garden fence designs hardwood fence modern fence backyard gardens and modern metal fence ideas #modernbackyardgarden

27 Super Cool Backyard Garden Ideas

We love fantastic gardening ideas of all stripes and, if you're familiar with our site, you know that we love to share our very favorites. For this gallery, we searched around to find the most eye-popping ideas that are achievable in the average backyard. Some of these are simple DIY projects, while others involve purchasing specific decorative and functional products. The unifying theme is that they are all subtly gorgeous additions to any backyard. Whether you've got a sprawling lawn and…

Front Porch Flower Planter Ideas 35

10 Incredible Home Front Porch Flower Planter Ideas /

While it might seem little and insignificant, styling your front porch can greatly raise the value of your house. The front porch actually will be helpful for giving the most effective first impression for the house so people want to take into account each and every detail carefully. Some porches require that plants have a small lift to be viewed. If you would like a gorgeous porch that will add a great deal of curb appeal to your home all you need to do is add plants. The front entrance is…