Serenade : Sketch by my idol Mario Miranda

Serenade : Sketch by the legendary Indian Illustrator Mario Miranda

A Tile with Mario Miranda Cartoon showing life in Goa

We are sure new sobriquets will be discovered for Goa. Let’s celebrate literature. Happening at the Writers and Readers Festival, Goa 2014 Picture courtesy: Mario Miranda

Mario's sketch of a padiero (the village baker) in his traditional toga and balancing a large basket of freshly baked bread on his head.

Mario and his muse, Goa

Konkan Railway by Mario Miranda. I'm waiting to make this trip...then I suppose I can get this print.

Konkan Railway by Mario Miranda.then I suppose I can get this print.

mario miranda prints

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Students Study a few illustrations that Mario Miranda worked on and created illustrations of their own . Who was Mario Miranda?

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