So cute. Lisa, maybe you could paper a few rooms in this... #Modernist #Textiles #1950's by Henry Moore

Sylvia Chalmers/Elizabeth Eaton "Feathered Friends" Furnishing fabric, screen-printed cotton In the V & A Pattern book "The Fifties"

Henri Moore  via  Tumblr

If only i could draw a hand like this! Cave to Canvas, alecshao: Henry Moore - The Artist’s Hands, 1974

mid century fabric design by Henry Moore

[Mid century fabric design by Henry Moore] It sorta reminds me of the generation iMacs, lol!

Henry Moore in his Studio

Henry Moore working on the maquette for Atom Piecem alongside an elephants head at his studio in Much Hadlam 1970


Henry Moore Moore created abstract pieces, over time becoming a large part of the British part of "new art".

Modernist Textiles | 1950's & Henry Moore

"Kiddies Town" Wallpaper 1950 Jacqueline Groag was a Czech-born textile designer who trained with Josef Hoffmann in the in Vienna.