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Not many people I can do this with but Wiebe Reddekopp Wiebe and Dyck are 4 of the of the best people for this that I know. Yes this is so true this happens with some of my close friends that feel like family to me. I love my friends

Booty Building Workout - follow me for more exercises and tips!

Many people hold tight to the false notion that it takes a lot of money to get fit. While fancy machines and expensive gyms are a good thing for those that can afford it, there are other ways to get into tip-top shape. Running is one

Pff, who wants to hang out and have a life when you can cry yourself to sleep? Qwq

Any Taurus woman (and anyone who knows her) gets that the bull of the zodiac signs may be stubborn as they come, but is sweet as pie and down-to-earth to boot. So here are the 12 BEST Taurus memes for describing her personality traits EXACTLY.