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Litti Choka At Home ✨❤️
It’s time for #RecipeRequestswithSaloni ☺️ & @nikhilkirasoi asked for Litti Choka . Let’s go!🍆✨ Welcome to Episode 15 of #RecipeRequestswithSaloni where you ask for a recipe & I make it ✨ don’t forget to drop your requests in the comment section ✨ and stay tuned every weekend! This traditional and popular dish holds a rich history in India & there are very few things that can match this dish ❤️ Ingredients: Litti : Whole Wheat Flour - 1.5 Cups Salt - 1/4th Tsp Oil - 1.5 Tbsps Warm Water -
Tasty and Healthy Dry Fruit Laddu... . . . #laddu #dryfruitladdu #tastyrecipe #healthyrecipes #dryfruitmix #dryfruitrecipes #cashewnut #almond #pista #reels #trending #trendingreels #senthamilan 10m
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Instant Wheat Dosa Recipe in 10 Minutes
Sabudana Chilla
If you like sabudana vada, you will love this Sabudana Chilla! It’s got the same flavours but in an interesting & scrumptious preparation. One of my go-to breakfast options as it’s really easy to make & wholesome to eat😃 And gluten-free too! Give it a try & enjoy💫
Easy to make Pyaaz Laccha Parantha
High Protein Sandwich.
High Protein Salad
Delicious pasta recipe