Shakira es una cantante famosa en el mundo. Nació y se crió en Colombia. Ella es también un compositor, bailarín y productor

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The fury-shiva_rudra... He is most merciful but when He is angry His wrath is deadly.

The fury-shiva_rudra. He is most merciful but when He is angry His wrath is deadly.

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Hare Krsna everyone. This is a bit different from all other Krsna art I have in my album. I was somehow or other inspired for a super-cool action pic. Anime sketch: Lord Shiva and Nandi

Rudra.. Rudra's name means howler or crier, he is the god of destruction, thunder, disease, medicine, chaos, wildness, anger and hunting. He is the father of the Maruts and is the most terrifying g...

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30 illustrations of Indian gods that will blow away your mind #India #Mythology #design

Parashurama Parashurama was the most fearsome warrior in Indian mythology. His name was originally Rama but his weilding of the parashu(axe) gave him t. Bhaargava-The axe warrior

lord shiva angry images - Google Search

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