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two men are playing soccer in front of a large stadium full of people, one is kicking the ball
Te plático el mundial - Opening
the word talk is made up of letters and lines
My Tran Grenard
My Tran on Behance
a poster with two men in black and white, one has his face painted red
Графический дизайн | Graphic design
an old photo of airplanes flying in the sky
KPMG "We Shape History"
news clippings, parallax, compositing
a collage of people and balloons with the words night pollita written on them
La Mostra de Valencia. Cinema del Mediterrani 2019 (Teaser)
Teaser made from posters of the films that will be screened at La Mostra de Valencia: Cinema del Mediterrani 2019. ------------------------------------------------------ Teaser hecho a partir de carteles de las películas que se proyectarán en La Mostra de Valencia. Cinema del Mediterrani 2019.
an image of a group of people with their mouths open and hands up in the air
MasterClass | Geno Auriemma
MasterClass | Geno Auriemma on Behance
black and white photo of various types of advertisements
Investigation Discovery Son of Sam | Nick Ford
Ideas, Fox, Black White, Studio, 2d
Colin in Black and White - Graphic Content
a close up of a piece of paper with the words tejo n o written on it
«HUNGER FOR TRUTH» documentary
an advertisement for the new york times in front of a window with newspaper clippings
Icarus | Rachael Park
black and white photograph of the number thirteen
Ava DuVernay’s 13th
an old newspaper article with black and white photos of tanks on the street in front of people
We Are The Giant
We Are The Giant (2014) - end credits
an advertisement for the new york game, with black letters on white paper in front of it
The New York Times Annual Report
Layout, Ps, Vietnam, Military, Archive Footage, Road, Ho Chi Minh Trail
Blood Road