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Everything is moving in space but God does not. He is moving with everyone but he stands steady in His silence and witnesses complete moment. He is simply witness.

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This moment has just to come to you to tell you that you are still living, spend this moment in bliss. If you are not aware of this moment, you will push your same conditioning in your future and suffer with same things you are suffering now. Stay Aware. Stay Blessed.

We are all sleeping like a child, unaware and irresponsible. You are true seeker when you are aware and contributing your your energies of Laxmi, Saraswati and Kali through your awareness, when your inner is awake. So wake up!!! Your to your inner calling.

Your inner peace which reflects outside in your body too does not lie in your body, mind and emotion. It is beyond all these. Body, mind and emotions only lives on ideas, concepts, culture, religion or words that describes anything. Your peace, love and bliss lies in silence and you can connect to this silence with quite and balanced mind.

Your happiness is not something which is inside you and pops up when you do any act or your wish is fulfilled. You are embodiment of happiness. Your happiness is not about your reaction. For happiness you do not depend on any outer sources. That real You!!!

Time may heal you, you may forget your suffering with time. But it will pop up freshly when you see that person or equivalent event happening in life. But when you heal yourself with unconditional love it has unconditional forgiveness. Love will cure you and en case of event you will not resist or react but simply act, Love acts as compassion.... Love haeals.

I AM THAT. I am Aatmic Aware. I am Blessed.

Illusion is when there is no light or awareness present. Stressed people are unaware people.

There is no place where God Consciousness is not present. You cannot see it because you are seeing all as many, not as one.