Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/126674796/glass-tile-necklace-wolf-necklace-moon

Glass Tile Necklace Wolf Necklace Moon Necklace Glass Tile Jewelry Animal Jewelry Moon Jewelry Wolf Jewelry by bluerosebeadery on Etsy

DIY Jewlery by agnes

I LOVE MY PEARLS! Another pinner said: simple and elegant. i designed a version of this w diamonds on both sides on white gold, love it

A silence filled with beautiful reflections falls around you.... This is sooo beautiful... (Bi-color Topaz Pendant, by Richard Krementz Gemstones)

A silence filled with beautiful reflections falls around you. This is sooo beautiful. (Bi-color Topaz Pendant, by Richard Krementz Gemstones) - EXQUISITE!

Sexy Drop Rhinestone Jewelry Set. I don't think I'm getting the earrings, or at least won't wear them, but I'm in LOVE with the necklace!

Sexy Drop Rhinestone Jewelry Set, Rhinestone Jewelry Set, Wedding Jewelry Sets, Cheap Jewelry Sets - New Arrivals

Glam naturale vintage style bird cage necklace

Glam Naturale Vintage Style Bird Cage Necklace - Unique Vintage - Bridesmaid & Wedding Dresses on Wanelo

The necklace of The Romanovs Jewelry Collection; it was owned by Imelda Marcos the wife of the President of The Philippines, the richest woman of 1990s.

This piece was actually part of the Russian crown jewels belonging to the Romanovs. Romanov ruby necklace purchased by Imelda Marcos. Ruby suite from the Bavarian Crown Jewels

An elegant pearl necklace. Black Pearl Choker by Rosario Garcia: Gold, Stone, & Pearl Necklace available at www.artfulhome.com

Black Pearl Choker by Rosario Garcia (Gold, Stone & Pearl Necklace

Diamond necklace at Abaran jewellers Bangalore

Abaran jewellery designed with diamonds, emerald, ruby and corals will set you apart from the ordinary. Necklace set price starts from Rs onwards.

Rosendorff Indulgence Collection Diamond and Pearl Necklace

Diamond Necklaces Gold Tiny Delicate Solitaire Diamond Necklace Coraliz harness It’s a girl thing photos)