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"Life is short,eat desserts first!!" Yes I do believe this quote!! As William Powell correctly said," Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal, since it will be the last thing your guests remember before they pass out all over the table." Satiate your sweet tooth cravings with these yummy recipes that you may find too hard to resist!!
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Kesar Elaichi Shrikhand is best enjoyed with hot pooris. Prepare this dessert on the first day of the New Year and provide a sweet beginning to the year.


Enjoy this simple yet delicious cupcakes and savour in the rich legacy of Iranian café from the confines of your home


We are sharing dessert recipe of Phirni, which you can prepare for your Iftar party. We have given this recipe a royal touch by adding lot of pistachios. The mesmerizing and aromatic saffron strands are added to give the Phirni a subtlety that this recipe demands. Finally, we add custard apple pulp to impart natural sweetness which completes this Kesar-Sitaphal Phirni and makes it a dessert that your guests would die for. Trust me on the dying part!!


Rabdi is the famous Indian dessert that is relished with great joy in North India

This is a perfect recipe to be prepared in winter with goodness of wheat and warmth of Jaggery that helps in generating heat in our body and keeps us warm when consumed in raw or added to any dessert recipe. You can follow this recipe prepare this in your kitchen and enjoy a rural Maharashtrian dessert at your home.

As we usher into year 2016, the celebrations must have already begun or the preparation must be in full swing. What better way to welcome New Year than a chocolate dessert oozing out molten chocolate from within. Remember to serve while it is still hot and you could even add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on the sides or on the top as it suits your taste.

Feel the softness of Gulab Jamun as it melts and the sweetness seeps into your mouth and before you would realize it would be gone.

The first bite into this royal recipe and you sink into the richness of rabdi with mild sweetness and rich aroma of saffron, and then gradually the sweetness intensifies with sugar syrup flavored by cardamom powder and aromatized with rose water and finally ends into crisp fried bread slice. If you are feeling really royal and would not mind taking a leaf out of royal cookbook, then you can garnish the dish with silver warq (leaf).

The recipe demands patience as Milk must be boiled with rice and khoya until it reduces to almost halwa consistency. This can take anywhere between 45 mins to an hour. After an hour of cooking time, 30 mins of baking time is needed to evenly bake the barfi mixture and get the nice brown colored texture.

We all also know about Ganeshji’s fondness for Modak. Modak represents the reward in our life. It is in form of a triangle, with a small tip and large base. Modaks are a kind of dumplings in shape of triangle stuffed with a sweet filling.