"Travel Light... Almost Anywhere."

The Parisian Was on Travel Style: How about Live Light? I'm pretty sure I could love with just these articles of clothing, maybe add a white blouse, white dress, and pencil skirt

Indian wedding ideas

Bollywood Wedding Inspiration in Pink and Gold

Hooded Huntress Tween Girls Costume - I wanna wear this and call myself a Hunter of Artemis!!!!!!

Tween Costumes Includes Hooded Cape with chain Closure, tunic dress with lace-up front Gauntlets and printed waist cinching belt InCharacter Costumes Tween Kids Hooded Huntress Costume, Grey/Black, S


Black boots, black dress, denim jacket (or open denim shirt), grey scarf

11222421_622000267900949_5859526991724399822_n.jpg (720×960)

11222421_622000267900949_5859526991724399822_n.jpg (720×960)

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