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Shah Rukh Khan (b. 2 Nov 1965), actor - Often referred to as 'King Khan,' he is considered to be one of the biggest film stars in cinematic history. #hindi

SRK ShahRukh Khan (b. 2 Nov Bollywood Actor - Often referred to as 'King…


INTJ -- the other reason is thinking. I think the reason is always "thinking" because the INTJ is thinking about feelings if having them.<< It's rather unnerving when it occurs

And happy...:D

This is how I am feeling like I am on a road alone I had to disguise myself as poor Tom and I dont know where to go and if it safe. I am truly lost and all alone

To save the people I love to see what my mind is truly like...to see what a freak I truly am..

This usually happens when I REALLY have to put effort in pretending I'm okay. Whether it be at work, or seeing someone who used to know Chris. My heart screams for me to just leave and breakdown in private somewhere.

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"that time we rode up to blue ridge and went swimming in that lake and you ended up slipping off the boat launch and gave yourself a concussion," raleigh says." dakota stares blankly at her sister.