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Gleaned from an ancient oral tradition, these imaginative, colorful, and wisdom-filled stories will delight children and adults alike. It includes the Tibetan myth of creation; some of the famous Jataka tales, or stories of former lives of the Buddha; and the most popular of all the time-honored legends of Tibet, the great epic of King Gesar of Ling, the warrior who became a national hero. ISBN: 9781570628924


Tibetan Folk Tales:

Jataka Tales are ancient fables that have been passed down from one generation to the next, as a code of conduct and a guideline for good moral behavior. They are not just stories that preach about the difference between right and wrong. They are charmingly witty narratives, each of which has an important message to convey. These stories are mainly about pass incarnation of Buddha.


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#Akbar and #Birbal #Stories - Flawless Judgement - #ShortStories for Children - #Kids Stories

Akbar and Birbal Stories - Flawless Judgement - Short Stories for Children - Kids Stories

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25 Panchatantra Stories For Kids – Fun Induced Learning

Top 25 Interesting Panchatantra Stories For Your Kids

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365 Panchatantra Stories

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Panchatantra #Stories #book

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Mythology and Folklore Readings: Myth-Folklore Unit: Jataka Tales (Shedlock). This selection of jataka tales, or "birth stories" of the Buddha, is taken from Shedlock's Eastern Stories and Legends, with a focus on distinctively Buddhist teachings. You will learn how the Buddha was re-born as a hare whose self-sacrifice is the origin of the "hare in the moon," and you will also read the famous Buddhist legend of Kisagotami, a woman overwhelmed by grief at the death of her only child.

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Jataka Tales: Folk literature native to India tell stories about the previous lives of the Buddha, in both human and animal form.

Jataka tales

The Forest Fire from Twenty Jataka Tales retold by Noor Inayat Khan, with illustrations by H. W. Le Mair (1939): a story about a brave little bird with a Buddha soul.

Ocean of Stories: Tales from India: The Forest Fire

Stories from Ancient India: Panchatantra and Jataka Tales