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Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to you and your families.. Hope you have a joyful celebration!! The beautiful card on top... is Rhea's creation... (My friend Winny's daughter)... Wait to see Winny's work.. *smiles*... A few images of earthen pots used indoors and outdoors... all gorgeously preparing for Diwali... I picked all these in Fujeirah... Aren't the simply stunning?? Rangolis on our foyer table... We decided we were not doing any on the floor... close up... All set for Diwali... celebrations.. *smiles…

Design Decor & Disha: Diwali Decor With Brass Lamps

Diwali Decor With Brass Lamps

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House warming (Griha Pravesham) – South Indian Style! |

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Sreemantham Decoration, DIY South Indian Baby Shower Decor Ideas

Sreemantham Decoration (South Indian Baby Shower Decor)

Hi there, its been more than a year and I am finally getting back to my blog. Life is busy with baby, I am glad I had my family and a loving husband all through the though times. Okay life aside lets get back to the Sreemantham decor I did for my own Sreemantham a year and half ago. Sreemantham is a traditional South Indain Baby Shower. I planned this backdrop way ahead. I wanted something traditional, simple and definitely have a god idol or symbol on the backdrop. I wanted to take it easy…

Freehand Rangoli Design(New Year Special) - YouTube

Beautiful Door Rangoli Design || Door kolam design || Door muggulu

Awesome Rangoli