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a drum set up in front of a piano
drumss 🥁
two hands on top of drums with people in the background behind them and one hand reaching for it
a drum set sitting on top of a floor in a room filled with stacks of boxes
The Cajon Drum
there are many different types of drums on display
We love our instruments
a man sitting on top of a drum set
Urban Folk Quartet (2012) 10 - Tom Chapman - 14th September 2012 at Queen Elizabeth Hall (Front Room), London SE1. Friday Tonic (free event). Country: Britain. Style: “electro-African-dubstep-celtic-folk” (their description). Lineup: Joe Broughton (fiddle/guitar/mandolin/percussion), Paloma Trigás (fiddle/percussion), Frank Moon (g/oud/percussion), Tom Chapman (cajón/compact conga/percussion). This band was formed at Birmingham Conservatoire in 2009, Joe Broughton, once of the Al..
a drum set sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wooden box