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The peacock is a very widely used ethnic inspiration in Indian products like Bags, Wood carvings etc. It has linkages to ancient Hindu culture. It is supposed to be the vehicle of Lord Indra ( The God of Thunder, Rains and War). In its own way ,A peacock represents the whole world of colors through its beautiful feathers.And that is exactly what we have tried to capture with this design along with a background of "Mehendi" art. Etsy Link :

Another one from our first batch of lamps.Available on Etsy. Etsy link:

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This print depicts the Hindu God -Ganesha. Ganesha is believed to be "The Lord of success" besides being widely revered as the remover of obstacles.All spiritual worship in the Hindu tradition begins with the invocation of Lord Ganesha (or Lord Ganesh), the elephant-headed god. Etsy Link :

This print depicts the Hindu God Krishna along with his wife Radha. Radha-Krishna are collectively known within Hinduism as the combination of both the feminine as well as the masculine aspects of God. With Krishna, Radha is acknowledged as the Supreme Goddess, for it is said that she controls Krishna with Her love. It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha "enchants even Him. Therefore She is the supreme goddess of all. Etsy Link :

The inspiration behind this print was the blue city of india - Jodhpur. Located in the kingly state of Rajasthan , we have tried to capture two aspects here - "Blue city" + "Royal Time period" of Rajasthan, India. Etsy Link :

Nicknamed "Shimmer" at our office. This is just a throwback print to the days of royalty in India. It is one of our most popular offline designs. Etsy Link :

4- partitioned sling bag ! Etsy Link :

4 partitioned sling bag ! The print consists of all basic alphabets of Hindi Language arranged on a background resembling old text scriptures. Etsy Link :