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Gov Christie Nominates Three New Trustees for NJCU Board : As part of a flurry of nominations submitted to the state Senate yesterday, Gov. Chris Christie nominated nine trustees to the Board of Trustees at New Jersey City University, including three new nominees.

Casey Anthoney Closing Arguments: Attorney, legal analyst and Huffington Post columnist Matt Semino discusses closing arguments in the Casey Anthony trial with MSNBC’s Chris Jansing and attorneys Meg Strickler, Karen DeSoto and Susan Filan.


Karen Desoto legal thoughts — about Ada Macneill not Testifying in Utah Doctor Trial — are presented on ABC News. The court has a wide path when it comes to children being on the stand, and the judge in this case determined that Ada Macneill was led by others with bias in the case. As a previous prosecutor and defense attorney, Karen provides her legal insight and opinions on the case beginning at 1.25 into this video