Alien rock pets ~ an idea for my Fantasy topic linked to where the wild things are and also aliens love underpants. Could also be linked to information texts ~ tell someone how to care for this unique alien creature. Can be expanded to writing labels, captions and all sorts once children have made their creatures.

craft idea for kids- monster pet rocks. Pre-paint rocks and they can draw faces. I have a lot of googly eyes I can bring in. This can be a cheap project. Maybe high school kids can paint the rocks. Maybe use half Easter eggs if short on rocks?

Alien Crafts For Kids #Aliens #CraftsForKids

Alien Crafts & Party Activities for Kids

I love toy story! There are tons of Toy Story items here... can't wait for my son's birthday!!

So cute for a party or anyday Toy Story Green Alien Cupcakes to make. A troop of alien squeeze-toys played an important role in Buzz and Woody's adventure. It's a piece of cake to invite these little green monsters to your child's Toy Story-themed party.

Day 4 - Play Dough Aliens Love Panta Claus Play Dough |

Aliens Love Panta Claus Play Dough

We are huge fans of the Aliens Love Underpants series. Choosing our favourite Christmas story was easy. We created Aliens Love Panta Claus Play Dough.