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like fuck that shit am I right lol me and my friend start on our college work and 5 minutes in (at like on a sunday mind) we're like fuck it lets watch kdrama xD

Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye - Millet S/S 2015

Go here and here for Lee Jong Seok’s and Park Shin Hye’s previously released Millet S/S 2015 ads.

First episode and already my brain hurts........ I like it.

W - Two Worlds (더블유 - 두 개의 세계) ~ The lives of a multi-hyphenate chaebol (Lee Jong Suk) comic book character, and a surgeon (Han Hyo Joo) from parallel universes converge when a mysterious incident allows them to traverse between fantasy and reality.

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I honestly love the spring day song and mv so much, I’ve watched so many theories about it and they all make sense. The boys make songs that have deeper meanings and I really like that about them. Spring day reflects that:))