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The literary map of London is just beautiful

A literary map of London. More than 250 novels were mined in order to make the Literary London Map, taken from the Literary London Art Collection. It was created by graphic artist Dex in collaboration with interior designer Anna Burles. This is beautiful.

Colorful succulents

Gallery with stellar illustrations & drawings

Gallery with stellar illustrations & drawings | From up North

Giraffe kiss

I love how she made her own wedding centerpieces by placing black and white photos into vegetable oil-filled mason jars. The oil preserves the photograph and gives it an aged yellowing effect. She added a sprig of dried lavender to make it smell nice. l

Penguins. They like to science.

Emperor Penguin Chick and Adulta, Snow Hill Island, Weddell Sea, Antarctica, Polar Regions

Emperor penguins. Majestic birds and wonderful, doting parents. The male emperor penguins guard their precious single egg through out the winter months while the females are at sea fattening themselves up for when they take over care of the newly hatched chick. Also, they mate for life. So male emperor penguins are more manly than most humans... at least in my personal experience.

Shapes of London. Accurate to scale Art Print

London (with my favourite, the BT tower :) )

Zucchini Lasagna

This looks wonderful! Healthy, low carb zucchini lasagna recipe! Yummy!

"Whatever makes you weird, is probably your greatest asset." Joss Whedon