Kate Folkard
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Beautiful Art Deco "rising moon" Window. It's so sad there are so many abandoned places with such stunning architecture & craftsmanship. Plus in this case, look at that view!!

It was built by the architect Léon Delune in 1904. He left his 'signature' on the house in a very unique way - his last name means 'of the moon,' in French, and he worked images of the different phases of the moon into the design. The big window at the top was originally designed so that there would be enough natural light for a painter's studio at the top of the building. It's located in Brussels, 6 Rue du Lac.

Beautiful example of both wall art selection and throw pillow mix. They both complement each other and the furniture perfectly. Neither have to be expensive, but they can totally transform a room. Just imagine this room without the art and pillows...

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get wet, there is another one called a halo , has a removable center piece that is hand held while the outer piece still showers you